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News Brief: Former Congresswoman & Gubernatorial Candidate has been Recruited by Kalalloo Network & SEDI

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Former Congresswoman Donna M. Christensen, MD of the US Virgin Islands has joined the Kalalloo Network & SEDI Broadcasting (Caribbean Public Broadcasting), and the Center for Caribbean Studies & Development (CPB) team of correspondents of experts. She will join and contribute/co-host on the weekly (every Monday 12:30-2:30 pm AST) show, The Economic Round Table & The Marketplace, simulcasting LIVE on AM 970 WSTX and the Kalalloo Network. According to Anthony Weeks the network Executive Producer, the former Congresswoman and Gubernatorial Candidate will be an asset as a political/Medical analyst, offering invaluable insight and knowledge on matters of geopolitics and healthcare throughout the US and Caribbean-Latin American region, considering her long service and tenure as an elected and government official.  Also, in addition to her training as a medical doctor. SEDI a Macro Economic & Public Policy Think Tank, addressing issues affecting the relationship between the US and the Caribbean-Latin American region, are very excited about her joining the team!  To learn more about the former Congresswoman click

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